Sizing Guide

STEP 1 Take your body measurements without clothes.

- Chest: Take your measurement around your most prominent part.

- Waist: Take your measurement around your fittest part.

- Waistband: Only for trousers. Take your mesurement through your belt line, where you fasten your trousers.

- Hips: Take your measure from your widest part, about 20cm below your waist.

- *LENGHT: Take this measurement from your shoulder deepest part, uppon your neck.

STEP 2 With your measurement you can select the correct size from our table called "Size chart according to body measurements for this model".
IMPORTANT The size to chose can be unique for every body. This is why we elaborate a unique and customized sizing chart. So, it belongs to an author collection fullfilledPues se trata de una colección de autor impregnated with craft work.

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