Housed in an old factory, sturdy and handsome like the buildings of yore, is our creative atelier and production facility. A place for finding creative freedom, it is where we express ourselves. A place where we can express ourselves without limits or prejudices and have the best technology available for making our ideas a reality.

In short, a place for dreaming and bringing dreams to life


Our stores are tranquil spaces for experiencing each collection in a leisurely manner. Their architecture highlights the elegance of the passage of time; they’re a celebration of the beauty sculpted by the architects of the past. Season after season, each collection inhabits them, bringing together the oldness of their architecture and the constant newness of the collections. In them, we accompany you in this very intimate process of dressing your body and your emotions.

It’s not surprising that we put so much care into our stores; it is here where we see our garments find their final destination, you.

Monday - Saturday: 11:00 - 20:00
Carrer Valencia 241, Barcelona
Passeig del Born 19, Barcelona

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Our atelier is a school for unlearning; it’s a school for resetting the mind and erasing all we have been taught so that we can start to explore new realities. We don’t take drugs because we love what we do and “love is the best drug.”

Trial and error, there’s no better way of learning than the process of daring to make mistakes, and this is the formula we use to express ourselves; we dare to try things, to experiment and to discover, little by little, the magnificent world of each collection.

A journey into the unknown with the mind wide open to find the beautiful surprises that the process itself will reveal to us.


Liberating the flow of emotion, observation and admiration for every feeling is a vital part of creation for David Valls. Our team is extremely wild; our emotions are part of every one of the pieces in each collection: we shout, love, suffer, get excited, calm each other down, and above, all, live.

In the midst of this whirlwind, with dedication and delicacy, the pieces are born, and we want them to reflect this entire emotional universe we are all passing through.

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